We provide informative and fun filled educational seminars for your staff that encourages team building and safety tailored specifically to your staff’s level of expertise and your goals.

With a properly professionally educated acting, makeup, and management team, your events will run more efficiently and decrease your stress during weeks of operation!

Save wasted money and time by bringing new skills to your existing staff.

Education will be designed for your specific needs and unique to your attraction.

We can assist with hiring, casting and actor auditions.

  • Makeup -Can come in many different directions from training your artist to even training actors. Not only can you get a hands on train with Kyle from Skin wars but he offers so many more things to help increase Speed and Saving money. Teaching you about the correct products he would recommend. He even does face charts!
  • Acting- Is one of the more interesting and fun ways to watch how Kyle can bring out a whole other side that you may never have seen from your actors, its time to see the true hidden talents in your actors.
  • Stunts- taking your actors and attraction to a much higher standard as Fear himself has traveled the World doing just this himself and training all over including a show in Mexico!