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Prince of Fear

Prince of Fear is an International Haunted Attraction Design and Production Company founded by Kyle Vest.  We can help you elevate your attraction to the next level, and thrill your audience in a higher quality, and well-designed production!  We incorporate innovative, creative design and problem-solving techniques to meet your specific needs. Uniquely qualified to assist attractions from large, midsized, and start up. Providing state of the art acting and makeup educational seminars as well for the full package.

What we can do for your Attraction?

Taking attractions to the highest level in Performance that fits with in your budget. If its simple design layouts or its full renovation everything is possible.

Who is the Prince of Fear?

Kyle Vest is the creative force behind Prince of Fear, a production company for the professional attraction industry.  With over 20 years’ experience he has designed over 20 haunted attractions and 4-haunted hay rides, and is an active member of the live entertainment and attraction communities including the HAA (Haunted Attraction Association.)

As an internationally respected artist, he has been employed throughout the world for his exemplary airbrush, makeup skills, and artistic talents.  One of his largest 3D Chroma Depth projects was showcased in 2017 at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. In 2016, Kyle created, designed and built 2 successful haunted attractions for "The Haunt" at Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida.

As one of the most talented and versatile body painters in the USA, Kyle Vest was cast on the competitive body painting television show "Skin Wars" season 2 and won the horror challenge. He continues his passion for body art, airbrush, and is highly sought after both nationally and internationally.

Kyle has been entertaining audiences as a performer in over 28 haunted attractions, has taught makeup and special effects at most of them.  He has worked at Universal Studios Orlando more than 10 years, as a multi-talented professional live performer/stunt performer, skater, stilt-walker, casted in many iconic characters, and also an airbrush makeup artist. He became the first ice-skater to perform on aerial chains above the ice as a lead skater for Aytyde in Mexico.

His creative talents include costume designs for celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Sarah Brightman, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber and many more!  Many of his costumes were showcased in Justin Bieber's 3D movie.

Kyle Vest offers multiple educational seminars, exhibits his excellence in special effects makeup, safety, design layouts, acting/stunt, and other demonstrations on the show floors at Transworld’s Halloween and Attraction Show, Midwest Haunters Convention among other industry conventions.